B. Braun Memorial Cup

Winner 2019 Team Wales

The B. Braun Memorial Cup

The B. Braun Memorial Cup has been a feature of the Eurospital tournament since 2000. The honourable winner title and the accompanying trophy is given to the team which sticks out most in protecting the principles of Eurospital during the tournament such as fair play, comradeship and intercultural friendship.
The award is arranged in remembrance of Eurospital associates who passed away in recent years.
After all, their commitment to the ethos of fair play is still alive in this annual award.

How do we decide on the winning team?

The winner of the B. Braun Memorial Cup is established by votes of referees as described in the president’s Charter 9.c).

The responsible tournament referees take notes during every match they umpire and hand them over to the organizing committee.
At the end of every tournament the organizing committee , Eurospital Committee and referees analyse all submitted votes and passes the final verdict .
The Cup is not a challenge Cup , as B. Braun Germany provides annual a new Fair play Cup.